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After years of development and testing, and market recognition Metal Magic all metal polish has proven to be the number 1 selling Australian made metal cleaner.

Metal Magic has been formulated by one of Australia's leading metallurgists, Dr Don Lakeland, to not only clean and polish most metals but to leave a protective coating ensuring a longer lasting finish.

Metal Magic is ideal for Brass, Silver, Gold, Copper, Aluminium, Bronze, Chrome and Stainless Steel. Excellent to use on antiques, sinks and taps, pots & pans, door handles, balustrades, golf clubs & chrome wheels.

Metal Magic is a non hazardous, non toxic, biodegradable metal cleaner and polish.

Available in 200ml, 4L, 10L & 20L.

Directions for Use:

- Make sure the metal surface is dry.
- Rub Metal Magic into the metal surface with a clean, dry cloth. Metal Magic may turn a dark colour on the polishing cloth as it removes the oxide/tarnish.
- Once all the tarnish has been removed, buff to a brilliant shine with a clean cloth.

Download Metal Magic MSDS

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