Liquid Pyroneg 2L Glassware and Instrument Cleaner

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Pyroneg is specially formulated for the superior cleaning of medical instruments in ultrasonic and washer disinfectors.

Key Properties
Liquid Pyroneg is a mildly alkaline detergent containing a blend of wetting agents and sequestrantsand is formulated specifically for cleaning of medical instruments in theatre and sterile service departments. The product is ideal for the pre-soaking of surgical instruments to remove gross soiling in theatre prior to transfer to sterile services and provides superior results in ultrasonic washers and washer disinfectors.

•Suitable for use in all water conditions
•Ensures rapid and complete removal of soils
•Concentrated for greater economy in use
•Ease of handling in convenient small pack
•Accurate manual dosing with portion controlled dosing cap
•Complies with recommendations of AS/NZS 4187:2003 as a suitable instrument wash detergent.

Instructions for Use

Manual or Ultrasonic Washing
1. Rinse items with cold water.
2. Prepare wash solution of Liquid Pyronegusing standard dosing cap supplied at 1-2 doses (20-40ml) / 10L warm water (45-50oC).
3. Soak or brush items4. Rinse with fresh water.
5. Items such as laboratory glassware and syringes should then be rinsed with distilled or deionisedwater.
6. Allow to dry.Washer/DisinfectorsLiquid Pyronegis normally applied using JohnsonDiversey automatic dispensing equipment or integral dosing pumps where fitted at a concentration of 2 -4ml / L.

Product Compatibility
Under recommended conditions of use, Liquid Pyroneg is suitable for use on most materials commonly encountered in the CSSD.

Do not however use on alkali sensitive items such as copper, brass, aluminium.

Technical Data:
Appearance Clear purple
liquidpH (1% solution) at 20oC11.
Relative density 1.04

These figures are typical values and should not be interpreted as specifications.