Kimberly-Clark Interleaved Toilet Tissue Dispenser Stainless Steel with Lock

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Kimberly-Clark Interleaved Toilet Tissue Dispenser Stainless Steel with Lock is a single sheet toilet tissue dispenser that effectively meets your needs for cost control, easy maintenance, image and hygiene.

- Easy to load and top up – saves time for cleaners and minimises risk of run outs
- High capacity dispensers – toilet tissue lasts longer, so less frequent servicing required
- Viewing window – easy checking
- Replenish at your discretion to fit with your cleaning regime
- Tissue protected – always clean and hygienic as the users only touch the sheet they use
-  Smart and stylish dispensers enhance washroom image
- No need for spare rolls lying around
- Single sheet dispensing – reduces usage (people use up to 32% more paper off a
roll than a single sheet system)
- Eliminates roll waste
- Lockable dispensers – deter misuse and theft
With the use of Single Sheet Toilet Tissues Dispensing system, you are eliminating common washroom problems like the following:> wasted rolls  -  Users can pull off long lengths of tissue causing waste, and with potential to block drains> Empty Rolls  - Rolls run out, often creating the need to replace rolls before they are fully used (creating unnecessary waste rolls).>  Contaminated Rolls and Stolen Rolls  -  Spare rolls are left in the cubicles which are subject to pilferage, waste and contamination.
Dimensions 12cm x 46.7cm x 11.7cm
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