Citron All Natural Dishwashing and General Purpose Detergent

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Citron Dishwashing and General Purpose Detergent is use for tough restaurant pot scrubbing or everyday domestic dish washing by hand.

Other applications include window cleaning, floor washing and scrubbing, car and truck washing, laundry prewash and as a neutral, high foam all purpose cleaner.
Contains orange essence oil, D-Limonene and coconut, palm and sugar based detergents.

The safe generation has arrived

As far as we know, this is the first all purpose liquid in AUSTRALIA to be manufactured from bases totally originating from natural, renewable resource crops other than a plain soap. Unlike other non-environmentally responsible products, we use no Petroleum Benzene (LAS) or Petroleum Paraffin bases - only coconut and vegetable based detergents are used. These, of course, are highly biodegradable and if you choose to use CITRON you are contributing to a safer and cleaner environment.

Incredible cleaning performance - Mild to skin

Most people believe that safer products don't work as well as "environmentally hard" cleaning agents. Whilst in some cases this is correct, with CITRON you will achieve higher than normal performance. Because natural based materials are more costly than harder products (these are now being dumped on the market), you will pay a little more for CITRON than for normal detergents - we think its well worth it.

Some of the active ingredients in CITRON are used in hair shampoos so you can expect skin mildness and resistance to chapping and redness, even after prolonged use of the product.

Pleasant to use

Using ORANGE ESSENCE OIL as a fragrance and orange solvent (D-Limonene) to boost grease cutting power, CITRON a superb aroma that is not sickly sweet or cloying. AROMATHERAPY technology has shown that carefully selected fragrance oils make people feel good - we believe it makes the chore of washing up just that little bit more pleasant.

Main use areas

- Pot scrubbing in Restaurants. Dishwashing by hand in all commercial and domestic areas
- Floor washing and scrubbing as a general purpose detergent
- High density medium foam height
- Makes an excellent carwash, truck wash as well as a neutral high foam, all purpose cleaner
- Perfect for window cleaning with sleeve and squeegees.


Contains no Petroleum Benzene Sulphonate (LAS). The LAS residue has now shown in tests to be harmful to marine life. In fact CITRON contains no paraffin or other petroleum based products. The surfactants all conform to AUSTRALIAN and O.E.C.D. screen test 301E (1981) standards.


This product contains no artificial colouring or perfumes. It contains NO preservatives that would otherwise slow down its biodegradability.