30 Seconds Spray & Walk Away Shower Cleaner 1L

30 Seconds
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Spray and Walk Away Shower Cleaner is now available for the shower.  Simply spray it with Spray and Walk Away Shower Cleaner, leave it to  clean by itself and then rinse off. No more scrubbing required.

- Dirt
- Grime
- Microorganisims
- Mildew
- Soap scum
> Contains Lactic acid - cleans and sanitises – removes dirt and deposits by surrounding dirt particles to loosen them from the surface, so they can be rinsed away easily> Antimicrobial action - treats microorganisms> Anti-mould - inhibits mould growth> Safe for Septic Tanks - Great for rural properties> Removes Soap Scum - Common problem on today’s showers> Less Streaking - Spreads quickly and evenly on surface when applied> Excellent hang time (slow run off vertical surfaces)

Available in a convenient 1 litre ready to use spray bottle.