Kimberly-Clark Twin Centre Pull Bathroom Tissue System

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Discover the perfect balance of hygiene, sustainability and efficiency with Kimberly-Clark Professional™ Twin Centre Pull Bathroom Tissue System.

Compliant with Australian
Standard AS1428.1 General
requirements for access
when installed correctly

In these unprecedented times, your visitors, customers and employees are counting on you to make the right hygiene solutions available to them. This is never more the case than in the washroom.

Take control with Kimberly-Clark Twin Centre Pull Bathroom Tissue System.

> enhance hygiene - protected, fully enclosed rolls with single-sheet dispensing, users only touch the sheets they need.

maximise efficiency - controlled one-sheet dispensing system helps maximise efficiency and reduce waste

Users only touch the sheets they need, one-wipe-clean with 'No Dirt Traps' fully enclosed bathroom tissue rolls.
Enhance Hygiene

High Capacity Twin Roll system helps minimise the risk of tissue run-outs.

Maximise Efficiency

Controlled Single-Sheet dispensing helps reduce usage and waste, tissue is made from FSC certified fiber.

More Sustainable Choice

Twin Roll inner door system design enables easy tissue loading; the other will not be disturbed. Helps reduce risks of tissue run-outs and reduce refill frequency.

Twin Roll Design & Easy Loading

The system can hold 500 meters or 2,500 sheets when it is fully loaded.

High Capacity

Controlled one-sheet dispensing system helps maximise efficiency and reduce waste.

Maximise Efficiency