Portable Spill Bunds - Spill Containment Washmats

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Looking for Spill Containment Washmats? We have one that provide you with the cost-effective temporary storage of liquids and chemicals whilst containing potential spills and leaks.

Designed for:
- portable wash bays
- temporary storage for drums, containers, and tanks
- protable drip tray
- where vehicle access is required
- service vehicles

- these bunds are exceptionally easy to transport, store, clean, reuse and require no assembly.
- Vehicles including forklifts and trucks can access the bund from all four sides instantly without the driver leaving the vehicle.
- 100mm side walls to maximise capacity and remain forklift friendly
-3 quality fabric options available

These wash mats are made by trusted supplier for over 10 years in the business, who have been able to source the best PVC and also the most durable memory foam. They use this high quality memory foam in their drive over floor bunding; which is subjected to constant forklift and truck traffic and 100s and 100s of hours of constant use. Cheap knockoffs fall apart within a matter of months, whereas theirs have lasted several years.