Taski Intellidose Chemical Dilution Control Dosing System

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You can achieve consistent high cleaning results, control your costs and simplify your scrubber driers operation with Taski Intellidose Chemical Dilution System.

Taski Intellidose benefits:

- Closed pouches for secure handling and no operator contact with chemicals
- No manual dosing required, removes operator guesswork—just fill with water and start cleaning
- Simple pouch change—acoustic warning signal indicates when pouch is empty
- Selection of different products for different tasks, meeting all requirements for various floors and application areas
- 5 times less chemicals used, resulting in less storage space and 90% packaging material reduction

This superior chemistry and advanced technology allow machines to clean up to 30,000sq m with just one pouch! Taski IntelliDose system calculates and delivers the optimal amount of chemical for any task or floor type, ensuring superior cleaning while controlling and reducing chemical consumption.

Environment Friendly
Reduced chemical consumption and packaging material used. Tank of machine is only filled with water - as result no waste of un-used solution when draining the tank after use.

Cost Control
The dilution control guarantees highest accuracy of the dosage with no over- and under-dosing possibility. As a result chemical consumption and costs are predictable. It is also possible to freeze dosage at preferred level by supervisor or Diversey technician.

Simplicity and Safety

Easy operation and simple pouch changes. Use of closed pouches ensures no operator contact with open chemicals and handling of heavy canisters is not needed anymore.

Consistency and Quality of Cleaning Result
Ensures always the right product and dilution rate for each task and floor type. This ensures best cleaning results and avoids potential floor damage caused by wrong product.