Sizzla Heavy Duty Concrete Buildup Remover

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Sizzla Heavy Duty Concrete Buildup Remover is an environment friendly, cost effective, easy to use, water based cleaning compound that safely and effortlessly remove hardened concrete, cement, mortar and limescale deposits from tools, vehicles, construction equipment, windows and glass and many other surfaces.


Fast-working concrete, cement, mortar and limescale remover
Non corrosive, 100% Biodegradable
Safety compliant
Cost effective
Easy to use

It has a non-corrosive formulation which means that even sensitive engine parts can can be cleaned without causing any damage, keeping vehicles and equipment looking new.

• Concrete
• Cement
• Mortar
• Stucco
• Grout
• Limescale

Safe on all surfaces such as metal, aluminium, glass, chrome, plastics, etc.

How to Apply?
1. Apply Sizzla by foaming or spraying onto the surface.
2. The foam sticks to the concrete and dissolves it.
3. After 15 minutes, the foam has turned the concrete to a paste, so that it can be easily removed with water.

Some agitation and repeat application may be required on tough areas.