Mesto 3132 Foaming Sprayers 1.5L

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Mesto 3132FO (ph 1-9)and 3132FE (ph 7-14) Foaming Sprayers 1.5L with plastic tank, suitable for strong acid agents. These are not a bad alternative if you don't have a pressure washer with a foam gun.

- built-in pressure relief valve
- plastic tank 1.5L filling contents, transparent with large pressure reservoir
- special plastic nozzle
- large filling opening (52mm) for easy filling
- completely enclosed pump-head to protect mechanism from dirt and dust
- Large base: safe stand even on uneven spaces
- stable foot ring for a sturdy foothold
- special plastic nozzle
Available in EPDM and Viton (FPM) Seals. Professional foamers for small area.

Specifications 3132FE FOAMER3132FO FOAMER
 Filling Contents 1.5L 1.5L
 Total Contents 2L 2L
 Operating Pressure 3 bar 3 bar
 Weight When Empty 0.5kg 0.5kg
 Application pH7-14 pH 1-9