30 Seconds Window Wonder Outdoor Glass Cleaner 2L

30 Seconds
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How to clean outdoor windows easily and effectively? 30 Seconds Window Wonder Outdoor Glass Cleaner with rapid hose end application makes cleaning outdoor glass windows quickly on a medium to large house to a 2nd storey windows.

- Single layer pplication = no scrubbing
- Rapid hose end technology
- Fan and jet stream application
- Streak free
- 3 Mode - no waste nozzle - Off - Rinse - Clean
- Reach second storey windows
- Highly concentrated formula
- Minimises water spotting
- Anti-fog
It doesn't require mixing or scrubbing. Simply spray it on and rinse it off.  The Rapid hose end deflector provides a FAN Spray for wide coverage, it can even reach 2nd storey of your house. You don't need a ladder. It can cover of up to 300 sq m. It works well on french doors and glass windows, mirrors, wooden stained, painted and aluminium window sills.
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