Agar Laundry Brightener Laundry Safe Bleaching 5L

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Agar Laundry Brightener provides safe bleaching for the removal of a wide range of spots and stains without affecting the fabrics or colours. It is suitable for use on cotton, polycotton, wool, silk and synthetics, both white and coloured.

- is a stabilised safety bleach.
- is non-polluting. The only decomposition products are oxygen and water.
- is compatible with companion Agar Laundry products.
It is a concentrated laundry bleach based on peroxide for use in industrial, institutional and commercial laundries where washing machines are supplied by Automatic Liquid Detergent Feed Systems. 

LAUNDRY BRIGHTENER is added to the main wash to work with LAUNDRY BREAK and LAUNDRY DETERGENT in providing a balanced, powerful cleaning action. LAUNDRY BRIGHTENER will not react with and set stains derived from Hibitane* or Hibiclean* (often found in hospitals). Nor will it affect resin finishes used on some articles to provide crease resistance