Agar Carpet Shampoo Dry Foam Concentrated Cleaner 5L

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 Agar Carpet Shampoo is a concentrated dry foam shampoo for rotary machines or spot cleaning. Excellent on all carpets. Residue dries into crystals for vacuuming away.

- produces a rich dry foam
- a concentrate that is diluted with water
- may be used on any type of carpet
- contains anti-resoiling resins that protect the carpet fibres and keep carpets looking cleaner longer.
- excellent cleaning action
Hydrocarbon solvents attack soilage while very high stable foaming and soil retarding resins lift the soil out of the carpet for vacuum pick-up once dry in a very powerful cleaning action. It has a pleasant perfume finishes the job off nicely. Perfect for cleaning all types of carpet with washable fibres (wool, nylons and synthetic blends).