Agar Escalator Cleaner and Degreaser 5L

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Agar Escelator Cleaner is a low-foaming, powerful detergent for cleaning and degreasing escalator steps and travelators.  It leaves metal surfaces bright and clean.

Agar Escalator Cleaner is an alkaline detergent with orange peel oil to give it an orange fragrance. It can be used in escalator cleaning machines, fixed-brush devices and manually to clean the steps, treads and risers in all escalators and travelators.

Mix ESCALATOR CLEANER with water at the rate of 1 part ESCALATOR CLEANER to 10 parts of water.
Add this solution to the cleaning machine or spray lightly on the steps before they pass under a stationary brush device.
Do not over-wet the steps or spray into electr ical equipment.

Safety Directions:
Causes burns. Risk of serious damage to eyes.
Keep out of reach of children.
Please refer to Safety Data Sheet for more information.

Environmental Care:

Agar Escalator Cleaner conforms with all statutory environmental requirements. It is based on safe ingredients selected to perform efficiently so there is no waste or damage. Escalator Cleaner is non-flammable and biodegradable. Escalator Cleaner containers will be cleaned and reused if returned to Agar Cleaning Systems Pty Ltd., significantly reducing plastic usage and waste. They can also be recycled.
Download Agar Escalator Cleaner MSDS

Colour Transparent Blue Liquid
Odour Orange Fragrance
Dissolution Mixes readily with water
pH 12-13
Foam Low-foaming