Agar Orchids Anti-bacterial Detergent

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Agar Orchids Anti-bacterial Detergent with a pleasant, lingering musk-floral perfume, kills germs, a detergent and re-odourises through the whole day.  It is effective against many fungi and moulds.

It is designed to be diluted with water and used to clean and sanitise toilet areas, washrooms, showers, locker rooms and all hard surfaces in hospitals, schools, factories and commercial premises (such as polished floors, tiles, walls, glass and fittings).
As a deodorant air freshener, simply dilute Orchids with water and spray from an atomiser.


Dilute ORCHIDS with hot water and mop, scrub or spray the surface to be disinfected using the appropriate rate of dilution as follows:
Heavy duty cleaning - 1 in 30 (34ml per L)
Medium to light cleaning - 1 in 60 (17ml per L)

Prepare fresh solutions as needed and never mix with other chemicals. Soap will inactivate the sanitising power of ORCHIDS.

Leave in contact with the surface being cleaned for as long as possible. Do not rinse.

For use as an air freshener, dilute 1 part of ORCHIDS with 10 parts of water and spray high into the room from a spraygun.