Jasol Bc4 Glass Cleaner - Chrome and Stainless Steel Cleaner 5L

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Jasol BC4 Glass Cleaner is a non-hazardous, easy to use, high performance window cleaner designed for all glass and chrome, stainless steel or metal surfaces. It may be used direct from the pack for badly soiled surfaces, or for normal maintenance cleaning.

- ready to use
- fast acting
- non-flammable
- non-hazardous
- non-perfumed
- economical bulk concentrate
- AQIS and Kosher Approval
- suitable for glass, mirrors and stainless steel

Areas of USE:

- windows
- mirrors
- glass
- chrome
- stainless steel

It leaves a streak-free finish. It contains no perfumes making it ideal for food processing and preparation areas. Available in 5L.

Directions for Use:

Most easily used with a spray bottle. Dispense 90mL of product into a 750mL spray bottle to achieve a 1:8 dilution rate, and spray directly onto the surface being cleaned. Rub well with absorbent, dry cloth until dry. The product can be sprayed directly onto a dry cloth and then wiped onto the surface to be cleaned.

Consult your Jasol representative for further information.