Jasol EC28 Bath and Shower Cleaner 5L Environmental Choice

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Jasol EC28 Bath and Shower Cleaner with a tropical vanilla fragrance, superior strength that removes the toughest of grim and leaves behind a long lasting fragrance.

 - Environmentally responsible - GECA certified.
- Biodegradable
- Made from renewable plant resources
- Chlorine-free
- Vanilla Fragrance

Its chlorine-free, non-corrosive formula makes it perfect for use on all surfaces (including plastic) and won't leave bleach stains on your clothing. Environmentally responsible - GECA certified.

Directions for Use:

For general bath and shower cleaning dilute 1 to 20with water.
Apply by atomiser, leave for a few minutes and rinse them with water.

For light duty cleaning of Spray on wipe off applications, dilute 1 to 50 with water.

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