Windex Surface and Glass Cleaner 750ml

Windex/SCJ Professional
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Windex Surface and Glass Cleaner is Australia’s #1 Glass Cleaner perfect for streak-free shine on glass, mirrors, appliances , stainless steel and more.

Windex® Glass and Multi-Surface Cleaners contain detergents, solvents, fragrance, Ammonia-D®, and alcohol. They should not be used if ammonia is not recommended for use on surface.

How to Get Your Windows and Glass Surface really clean with Windex?

Spray Windex® Surface and Glass Cleaner on windows or glass surfaces, and then wipe it off with untreated paper towels, newspaper, or lint-free cotton cloths for a streak-free shine.

Make sure you use enough to remove all the dirt. Change cleaning towels as they become soiled.

Tip: Old, clean cotton diapers are excellent for cleaning surfaces with Windex®.

Cleaning windows on a cloudy day works best. Sunlight can heat up windows causing sprays to dry before you can wipe them clean.