Bar Keepers Friend Cookware Powdered Cleanser and Polish 340g

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Bar Keepers Friend Cookware Cleanser & Polish has a non bleach formula effective for cleaning stainless steel cookware and keeping it looking like new.

BAR KEEPERS FRIEND Cookware is a premium cleanser and polish that makes household surfaces shine like new again. It also gently cleans kitchenware made of copper, ceramic, hard-anodized aluminum and more. BAR BAR KEEPERS FRIEND Cookware is a gentle but effective formula works without chlorine bleach for everyday cleaning and removing tough stains, lime and hard water stains.


Shake well and squeeze BKF on a wet surface. Rub gently with a wet cloth, sponge or cleaning pad. Rinse thoroughly. For difficult stains, let BKF remain on the stain for up to one minute. Then rub gently and rinse well.

Warnings: Contains Citric acid. Do not ingest, inhale or allow product to get into eyes. If ingested, drink milk or water and seek medical attention. If in eyes, flush eyes with water for 15 minutes. For prolonged use or sensitive skin, use gloves. Do not mix with other household cleaning products including those containing ammonia or bleach. Keep away from children.


Keeps your cookware looking great.