Bracton Ice Bank Preservative - Propylene Glycol Preservative

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"Convenient Concentrate" added every 6 months to the ice storage section of the system prevents mould and fungi and reduced the corrosion of these systems.

Non- hazardous mould and fungus inhibitor for propylene glycol and ice bank reticulation systems. Proven to reduce corrosion and extend the life of glycol in a working solution by up to 5 years of normal use.

Highly effective corrosion and mould  inhibitor that  will  extend  the  life of a glycol or ice bank system. Will increase the life of propylene glycol in reticulation systems by up to 5 times normal use. Prevents the growth of mould and bacteria with in systems, eliminating corrosion and preventing blockages from jelly mould build.

Ideal for use on:

Commercial Draught Beer System
Domestic Draught Beer Systems
Dairy production systems
Wine production systems
Any commercial system that requires glycol use


Stops corrosion
Prevents bacterial build up
Prevents circulation blockage
Extends the life of Propylene Glycol
Increases efficiency in system

Directions for use:
Propylene Glycol:
Add 5 litres of Bracton Ice Bank Preservative for  every  100  litres  of  propylene  glycol. If the propylene glycol has been diluted into a working solution,calculate    the amount of working solution in the system and percentage of propylene glycol before   adding Ice bank Preservative.

Ice Bank System:
Add 5 litres of Ice Bank Preservative for every 100 litres of water in the
reticulation system.