Bracton Glasswash Concentrate (Blue Label)

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Bracton Glass Wash has descaling properties to help maintain clean hygienic equipment.  It is a concentrated, high performance, non-hazardous liquid glass wash detergent.

Brewery approved
Safe to use
Effective on all glass ware 
Non- Corrosive

Brewery approved for both hand-scrubbing glasses and for use (when diluted) in all major brand glass washing machines.

For Commercial GlassWasher

Mix 1 part Bracton Glass Wash with 2 parts water (i.e.  1 lt glasswash with 2lt of clean water) to make diluted detergent for automatic machine use.  Pour detergent directly into detergent well of machine or in an appropriate container to be suctioned by a detergent pump/feed tube.

Hand Washing

Add 70ml Braction Glass with 5L of water. Place scrubbing device directly into solution and use or pour solution and use or pour solution into scrubbing device well.

Hard Water Areas:

Use Braction Glass Wash at Double Strength