Go Getter Toilet Cleaner - Commercial Grade Disinfectant

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Go Getter is a phosphoric acid toilet cleaner for frequent use on stainless steel urinals and toilet bowls as well as porcelain toilet ware. It is formulated to kill a wide range of odour producing bacteria. Commercial Grade Disinfectant.

Features:•Frequent use toilet cleaner•Safe on stainless steel•Contains powerful disinfectants •Clings superbly to vertical surfaces for extended contact and excellent penetration•Removes scale and rust buildupBenefits:•Safe on all toilet ware•Disinfectant kill a wide range of disease and odour producing bacteria•Contains a commercial grade disinfectant which kills germs and bacteria while cleaning Instructions for Use:

Toilet Bowls
1.Flush toilet. Direct Go Getter under the rim of the bowl. 2.Scrub all areas in and around the bowl using a toilet brush.3.Flush toilet.Urinals
1.Flush urinal. Direct Go Getter onto urinal taking care to cover corners and areas where uric acid may build up.2.Scrub all areas with a toilet brush.
3.Flush urinal.
Do not mix with other chemicals.

Dilution Rates:Go Getter is used neat

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