Lemon Commercial Grade Disinfectant 5L

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Lemon Disinfectant may be used as a disinfectant cleaner in bathrooms, washrooms and other common areas where disinfection is required.

Benefits of Whiteley Lemon Commercial Grade Disinfectatnt:

- Pleasant lemon-pine perfume.
- Low pH & solvent free.
- Commercial Grade Disinfectant- Safe to use Multi-purpose cleaner on most surfacesAvailable in 5Litres and 500ml matching spray bottle.

Safe on all surfaces Lemon Disinfectant is a Commercial Grade disinfectant and multipurpose cleaner. Designed for use in health care, institutional and commercial facilities.

Being pH neutral and solvent free Lemon Disinfectant is safe for use on all surfaces including; plastics, metals, stainless steel, ceramics, glass, enamels and painted surfaces. Lemon Disinfectant can be used in any area where soiling is a problem, including floors, walls, bench tops, doors etc.

Dilution Ratio:

Disinfection: 1: 50 with water - Mop & Bucket
Floor Cleaning Normal soiling - 1: 20 with water Mop & Bucket
Spray & wipe for bench-tops, tables, walls & cabinets - 1: 50 with water. Apply with trigger sprayer or flip-top cap & wipe off with a clean cloth
Reodourant 1: 5 with water Apply with trigger sprayer .

1 in 150 = 1/3 cup per 10 litres of water
1 in 100 = 1/2 cup per 10 litres of water
1 in 50 = 1 cup per 10 litres of water
1 in 25 = 2 cup per 10 litres of water