Activ S.R.A Heavy Duty Soil Removing Agent

Peerless Jal
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Activ S.R.A Heavy Duty Soil Removing Agent produced specifically for the removal of  dirt and soilage - ideal for use on tiles, glazed bricks, porcelain and shower screens.

Can be used manually or in conjunction with mechanical cleaning equipment such as pressure washers or automatic scrubbing machines (add defoamer to the recovery tank).

Ideal cleaner for use in kitchens, changing rooms, shower recesses and toilets as well as many specialty cleaning purposes.

Available in 5L, 15L, 15LBiB, 25L, and 205L.

Dilution Rates:
Spray & Wipe Cleaning 1 Part To 10 Parts Water.
Automatic Machine Scrubbing 1 Part To 60 Parts Water.
Manual Mop Cleaning 1 Part To 40 Parts Water.
Cut Back  1 Part to 20 Parts Water.

Dilution Rates may be increased where heavy dirt conditions prevail. pH 12.6 - 12.8

NOTE: When spraying on to vertical surfaces, e.g. shower walls and screens spray on
ACTIV S.R.A. working from the bottom to the top. Allow 5 minutes contact, lightly
 scrub if required, and rinse with water from the top down.

FLOORS: For normal cleaning - mop over, or 1 pass with an autoscrubber.
For heavy dirt conditions or Cut Back procedure- lay ACTIV S.R.A.
allow to soak, then scrub and pick up left over residues


Swallowed: Do not induce vomiting. Give a glass of water and
contact doctor or the Poisonous Information Centre on
(Australia 13 11 26 or New Zealand 0800764 766).

Eyes: If in eyes, hold eyelids open and irrigate with water
for at least 15 minutes. See a doctor if affects persist.
Skin: Remove contaminated clothing; wash affected area with
soap and water.