Oates Tilt-a-matic Squeeze Mop

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Oates® Tilt-a-matic ® Squeeze Mop is Australia’s number one selling squeeze mop! It is specially designed with a unique patented tilting mechanism that enables you to mop under low objects such as coffee tables, lounge settings and cabinets.

It also features a unique replaceable scour dot to help remove stubborn spots.

This mop was specifically engineered to reduce the amount of parts from its previous design. This included the removal of steel parts and instead using polypropylene plastic parts making it more recyclable, lightweight and easier to use. Not only did the change improve the functionality of the mop through increased strength and bending ability, but the robust polypropylene also does not rust and is more durable. Oates® Tilt-a-matic ® Squeeze Mop had undergone rigorous testing in Oates ® laboratories to ensure enduring use.