Peerless MICROALUND Microfibre Laundry Detergent 1L

Peerles JAL
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Microlaund Microfibre Laundry Detergent has been designed to wash and prolong the effective life of your microfibre.

Environmentally responsible surfactants and builders work together to soften the water and enhance the cleaning efficiency of Microaid Microlaund by deactivating water hardness minerals. Microlaund has been formulated and packaged in a Super Concentrated format to maximize cost savings and minimize environmental impact. It contains an anti re-depositing agent which aids in preventing loosened soil from re-depositing onto the microfibre cloth, resulting in reduced future washing time and consumption of laundry liquid.

Packed in 1 Lt soft, recyclable packaging, Microaid Glass can be diluted as 20 ml in 500 ml for general cleaning or 40 ml in 500 ml of water for heavy duty cleaning. 

A green natural acid is added for cleaning and sanitisation of Microfibre cloths. The cleaning action of the natural acid is effective and safe as it attacks a broad spectrum of bacteria without damaging or degrading the minute capillaries of your microfibre while sanitising.

     Super Concentrated: 20ml in 5l.       Small packaging: easy to handle, quick dilution technique.      Environmentally responsible: non toxic and non corrosive.      Non dangerous and non hazardous.      Free of Chlorine, Phosphates and Volatile Organic Compounds.       Biodegradable: safe for aquatic and bird life.       PH approx 10.      Sanitizer: Contains natural acid which works as a surface sanitizer.       Reduces wash time: Microlaund contains an anti re-depositing agent that shields the surface after      cleaning and reduces the settling of dirt in the Microfibre cloth.       Recyclable packaging: Microaid General is packaged in 100 % Recyclable material.     Not tested on animals.     Newest technology on the market: ‘Green’ wetting agent and surfactant will promote efficient spreading and surface coverage of Microlaund cleaner on your Microfibre to promote quicker wash time