Peerless Microaid Glass CLeaner 1L

Peerles JAL
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Microaid Glass cleaner rinse, streak free, easy and quick to use highly concentrated product for use on glass, chrome, stainless steel and shiny surfaces, shower screens, mirrors, glass doors and windows.

It has been specifically designed as an aid for the technologically advanced and effective microfibre cloth. When used in conjunction with Microaid Glass cleaner, the capillary force in the Microfibre breaks down and encapsulates grease, dirt, food and soap scum on most surfaces. It polishes while cleaning, leaving a protective film on the surface effectively repelling dirt. Packed in 1 Lt soft, recyclable packaging, Microaid Glass can be diluted as 20 ml in 500 ml for general cleaning or 40 ml in 500 ml of water for heavy duty cleaning.

     Super Concentrated: one pack makes over 25 Lt. 
     Small packaging: easy to handle, quick dilution technique.
     Environmentally responsible: non toxic and non corrosive.
     Non dangerous and non hazardous.
     Free of Chlorine, Phosphates and Volatile Organic Compounds. 
     Biodegradable: safe for aquatic and bird life. 
     PH approx 10.
     Sanitizer: Contains natural acid which works as a surface sanitizer. 
     In conjunction with Microfibre, Microaid Glass effectively removes grease, tough dirt,pollution, smoke, grease and other soils.
     Polishes while cleaning
     Dust Resistant
     Streak Free
     Reduces future cleaning time: Microaid Glass contains an anti re-depositing agent that
     shields the surface after cleaning and reduces the settling of dirt on surfaces. 
     Cleans glass, chrome, stainless steel and shiny surfaces, shower screens, mirrors, glass doors and windows
     Recyclable packaging: Microaid General is packaged in 100 % Recyclable material.
     Rinse Free
     Not tested on animals.

For best results please use Peerless JAL’s Microfibre in conjunction with Microaid Glass.
Fold cloth into 1/2 then 1/2 again. Place Microaid Glass solution on the cloth or directly onto the surface. Wipe surface - change cloth sides when heavily soiled. Rinse cloth with fresh water, ring out
thoroughly and repeat.

For general use dilute 20ml of Microaid Glass with 500 ml of water. 
For heavy duty cleaning dilute 40ml of Microaid Glass with 500 ml of water.

Swallowed: Do not induce vomiting. Give a glass of water and contact doctor or the Poisonous
Information Centre on (Australia 13 11 26 or New Zealand 0800764 766).
Eyes: If in eyes, hold eyelids open and irrigate with water for at least 15 minutes. See a doctor if affects persist. 
Skin: Remove contaminated clothing; wash affected area with soap and water

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