Washing Machine Magic -4-in-1 Washing Machine Cleaner

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Washing Machine Magic breaks down and flushes out unseen build-up of detergent scum, lint and bacteria found behind the drum and inside the pipes of top & front loader washing machines.

The ultimate 4-in-1 washing machine maintenance product will not only clean, sanitise and deodorise your washing machine by killing the bacteria and breaking down the unseen build-up behind your bowl and in your pipes, it will descale the heating element, resulting in a more energy efficient wash every time.

With regular cleaning and descaling, it improves efficiency and longevity. It removes unpleasant odours & prevents marks appearing on clothing. Available in 2x100g (domestic strength) for lightly soiled machines; and 500g (industrial strength) for heavily soiled machines.

How to clean your washing machine with 4-in-1 Washing Machine Cleaner

    1. Ensure your washing machine is empty of water and clothes.
    2. Remove lint from lint filter(s).
    3. Cut/tear corner of sachet open and pour entire contents of Washing Machine Magic into the bowl/drum (not into the soap dispenser). For machines not cleaned in the last year use 1 sachet, in the last 2-3 years use 2 sachets.
    4. Start a 60 degree wash cycle and on maximum water level. DO NOT SELECT A PRE-WASH. (Please note: NO SOAKING REQUIRED)
    5. Once complete, run machine through rinse cycle to ensure all deposits are removed.

Note: Do not use on enamel bowls. Machine bowl may discolour if water temp is more than 60 degrees and/or a pre-wash is selected.

For Optimum Care:

    - Use Washing Machine Magic every 1 to 3 months.
    - For machines not cleaned in over 3 years, or heavily soiled, use Rubbedin Industrial Strength Washing Machine Magic

Please refer to your washing machine instruction manual before using this product.

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