Cleaners Supermarket® Spray & Wipe Concentrate

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Concentrated spray and wipe cleaner. Excellent performance.  If you're after a basic spray and wipe cleaner for around the home or workplace, look no further. Can be diluted all the way up to 1:200, which means one 5L bottle makes 1000 litres! That works out to less than 4 cents per litre!

Cleaners Supermarket Spray and Wipe is an aqueous, solvent based cleaner containing a broad range of cleaning materials primarily designed to instantly dissolve many types of soils, greases and fats, emulsifying and holden them in solution until wiped or rinsed away.

Dilution Ratios
1:3 - Laundry pre-wash, heavy soiling and greasy surfaces.
1:10 - Upholstery, spot cleaning, smoke stains on walls, ceilings and fittings, printing ink removal and jewelery.
1:50 - Air filter elements, tiles, kitchens, dirty hand prints, general soiling, air conditioner filters.
1:200 - Windows, glass, stainless steel, chrome etc