Actichem Multisan Food Area Spray N' Wipe

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Actichem AP260 Multisan is a professionally formulated spray n' wipe cleaner approved for use in all food manufacturing and preparation areas.

It gives excellent cleaning performance on all hard surface areas. Approved for use in food preparation and manufacturing environments. AQIS approved.

Benefits of Actichem Multisan Food Area Spray N Wipe Cleaner:
Cleaning Power – Quickly penetrates and emulsifies oil and fatty deposits.
Food Safe – Only food safe approved ingredients are used. AQIS approved
Anti-bacterial Action – Contains an effective antibacterial agent which helps create germ free surfaces.
Anti-static Action – Its antistatic characteristics make it very effective for the removal of soiling from plastics and for the removal of air conditioning soiling, soot and other charged soils.
Multi-Task Cleaning – Ideal for a wide range of hard surface cleaning applications in homes, offices, schools and institutions.

Where to Use:
Commercial Kitchens – Ideal for cleaning equipment, counters and other hard surfaces.
Canteens – Excellent for cleaning tables, chairs and benches.
Home – An ideal multi-task cleaner for tables, chairs, counters, laminex and tiled surfaces.


Read and understand the Material Safely Data Sheet (MSDS) before use. DOWNLOAD ACTICHEM MULTISAN MSDS
Pre-test in an inconspicuous location for substrate chemical sensitivity before use.

Dilute 50ml to 200 per litre of water (1:20 -1:5). Depending on the severity of the soil to be removed.

Apply solution to the surface to be cleaned using a spray bottle.
Agitate and wipe dry to a clean surface using a dry absorbent cloth.
AQIS specifications require surfaces to be rinsed with potable water.

Keep container closed to retain maximum performance.

Colour Red/Pink
pH 11.5 to 12.0 RTU
Safety Irritant
Sizes: 5L,15L, 25L