Actichem Colloidal Boost Cleaning Solution Booster Addictive

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AP475 Colloidal Boost is a concentrated blend of the best of modern cleaning and stain removal technology.

This formula combines super wetting agents and penetrants with radical strength emulsification chemistry which is further enhanced by stain removal technology used in the textile industry. The beauty of Colloidal Boost is that it doesn't rely on harsh solvents or alkaline cleaning agents, but uses smart chemical technology to achieve it's brilliant results, making it an ideal product for use in professional carpet and upholstery cleaning.

Available in 1L and 5L.

It has super wetting ability also facilitates the penetration into porous surfaces such as natural stone, concrete & grout. It has a neutral pH and is safe for use on all synthetic and most delicate fibres and fabrics including 5th generation nylon and coloured fabrics. It will dramatically increases the wetting power of any detergent solutions. Will significantly increase the solutions wetting powder. Effectively enabling the emulsifiers and stain removal agents to penetrate dramatically quicker & deeper into each carpet fibre and completely wet out the difficult-to wet oily soils. Having effectively wetted out the surface and soil it rapidly forms miscelles which release the oily soils from the surface of fibres and holds them in suspension ready for effective rinsing. It can be added the most carpet  and hard floor care detergents. It will not alter the ionic charge or pH of the detergent solution.