SpillFix Bio-Waste Spill Kit Single Use

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SpillFix Bio-Waste Spill Kit Single Use contains everything you need to adequately manage any body fluid spill. Suitable for security guards, hotel staff. This hardy kit ensures that you and your staff are never left unprotected.

Since all body fluids should be considered potentially infectious and dangerous, Spillfix provides a Bio-Waste Spill kit (single use). Its unique absorbent properties allow the spill to be swept away without the risk of personal contact. It will reduce the potential for cross contamination and a natural formulation of essential oils and plant extracts is added for its antiseptic properties. All contents are disposable and provide adequate protection against blood and body fluid spills.


What is included in SpillFix Bio-Waste Spill Kit Single Use?

Includes fluid absorbent powder, apron, gloves, yellow plastic biohazard disposal bags,  disinfectant wipe, eye and face protection, scoop and scraper.