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Tork dispensers are intuitive and easy to use; refilling is quick and simple, with minimal service required. Enclosed Tork dispensers seal out contamination by water, oil, dirt and chemicals. Smooth, rounded surfaces, inside and out, make the dispensers easy to clean and prevent the build-up of dirt or grime. Robust construction makes them long lasting, and their compact form saves space in busy areas. A wide range of Tork dispensers is available to match particular demands. With our help you can select the best choice of floor stands, wall-mounted dispensers and hand-held boxes. In every case the result is ready to use wipers and cloths.

Tork Reflex Single Sheet Centrefeed Dispenser M4

Tork® Reflex™ Single Sheet Centrefeed Dispenser is the ideal hand and surface wiping solution for professional environments. It's easy-to-use, hygienic and durable system reduces consumption by up to 37% when compared to the Tork® Centrefeed system.

Tork Dispenser Centrefeed Roll M2

Tork Elevation Centrefeed  Easy load concept - rapid refilling Flexible dispensing - take as much paper as you need. Ideal for light spills and general wiping - suit food preparation and laboratory use.

Tork Centrefeed Dispenser Red/Black M2

Tork Centrefeed Dispenser is a high capacity centerfeed system suitable for busy areas.Easy one hand operation enables "as much as you like" capability.Only coordinated dispenser range for industrial segment.
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Tork Dispenser Mini Centrefeed Roll M1

Compact centerfeed system: suitable for small space.Easy load concept: rapid refilling. Flexible dispensing: take as much paper as you need.Ideal for light spills and general wiping: suit food preparation and laboratory use.
The Tork mini M1 and regular M2 centerfeed rolls provide convenient high capacity, high performance wiping systems for busy environments. They can cater for all your general wiping and drying needs including surface cleaning, wiping and hand drying. This multi-task aspect makes them ideal for all situations where absorbent and hygienic paper needs to be easily accessible. With such versatility it is not hard to see why the M1 & M2 centerfeed roll systems are popular choices for general wash stations, kitchens, restaurants, kitchenettes, offices, schools, gyms, office coffee areas and health care environments.