Ettore Window Cleaning

Complete range of Ettore window squeegees, window washers, squeegee handles, rubbers, etc

Ettore Elite Microswipe Duster

Looking for a duster without the need of chemicals? Ettore Microswipe Duster with microfibre bristles traps and removes dust without chemicals. Soft microfiber duster bristles dusts without damaging surfaces.


Ettore Master Brass Squeegee Range

Master Brass Squeegee Range. The top end of our professional line. Built to the precision tolerances you get with tempered solid brass. Perfect balance & weight.


Ettore Super System Range

Super System Handles. With quick release button and a swivel head you get great flexibility. Automatically adjusts to the angle you need, allows you to squeegee across or down. Makes easy work of obstacles, speeding your window cleaning 30% to 50%.


Ettore Contour Pro + Handle

Ready for the best squeegee handle money can buy? The new Ettore Contour Pro Plus squeegee handle has it all. It features an ergonomic design for less fatigue, and a concealed Quick release lever so it can't get knocked open.


Ettore Reach and Interlock Extension Poles

Ettore Extension Poles do not only extend over windows, their sturdy construction helps them extend over years. Quarter turn positive lock. Fluted gold anodized industrial strength aluminum.

Ettore & Pulex Brass Squeegee Clips

Ettore & Pulex Brass Squeegee Clips are used to secure the rubber at both ends so avoiding stretching and slipping.


Ettore Master Stainless Steel Squeegee Range

Master Stainless Steel Range. Stainless handles are lightweight with "long lasting good looks". Perfect balance and weight. Original design with clips.


Ettore Aluminium Super Channel and Rubber

The Hound Dog Contour Pro+ Squeegee Handles are designed for maximum movability across windows. These high performance squeegees will leave your windows streak free every time.

Ettore Super System Handle has the ability to swivel left to right, and also contour up and down. With quick release button and a swivel head you get great flexibility. Automatically adjusts to the angle you need, allows you to squeegee across or down. Makes easy work of obstacles, speeding your window cleaning 30% to 50%.

Super Channel Handle

New and improved swivel handle with ergonomic design. Squeegee swivels 180°. No-smate comfort.


Ettore Replacement Squeegee Rubbers

A new rubber should be used for every four hours that the squeegee is on the glass. These rubbers are available in an assortment of sizes ranging from 6" through to 36".


Ettore Backflip Combination Tool

Ettore Backflip Combination Tool - Squeegee and Washer in one unit.  You can work it as a separate washer and separate squeegee.  Back to back for pole work. Front to front for one pass washing & squeegeeing.

Ettore Elite Cobweb Duster

Ettore Elite Cobweb Duster is designed to clean wall corners, cobwebs, lamps, window screens and more. This cobweb duster can be attached to Ettore’s REA-C-H extension poles for easy high reach cleaning.

Ettore Taper T Fixed T-Bar

  • Fixed T-Bar for Golden Glove, Durasleeve or Porcupine washer covers.
  • Contoured Handle
  • High Impact Plastic
  • Fits all Ettore Poles

Ettore Pro+ Super System Swivel T-Bar

High quality super system T-Bar used for washing windows on a pole. Takes golden glove, durasleeve or porcupine covers.  Available in the following sizes: 10, 14", 18" & 22"


Ettore ProGrip Fixed T-Bar

Fixed T-Bar for Golden Glove, Durasleeve or Porcupine washer covers.


Ettore Golden Glove

  • Standard golden glove covers are used for normal window washing.
  • Available in the following sizes : 10", 14", 18" & 22".

Ettore Porcupine Sleeve

  • Porcupine washers with extra non-scratching scrubbing power.
  • Used for scrubbing dirty windows with food scraps or build up on street frontage glass.
  • Available in 14" & 18".

Ettore Microfibre Sleeve

Economical, Dural Pile, and washable alternative with exceptional performance.

Ettore Pole Adapter Universal

Fits all REA-C-H and Interlock poles

Bucket on a Belt Ettore Sidekick- NO BELT

Speed, flexibility and convenience. Sidekick delivers all three in a dripless holster that puts squeegee, washer and mini bucket on the hip.

Ettore Single Leather Holster

Conveniently designed to hold your squeegee so its right there when you need it. Fits all standard work belts

Ettore Superbrush

The ultimate cobweb brush. It is excellent for wall washing & vehicle washing. It has the ability to swivel from left to right. These bristles get under the web and lift them off the surface

Ettore MicroSwipe Ceiling Fan Duster

Ettore MicroSwipe Ceiling Fan Duster with a contour shape to easily trap dust off any standard sized ceiling fan. The sleeve is removable and machine washable, so you can dust and clean whenever you want!

Ettore Angle Adaptor for Aluminium Extension Poles


Ettore Pole Clamps

Ettore End Tip Pro +

Tapered and threaded tip that fits almost any tool for high reach cleaning. Snap-In tip snaps right into tool. It comes with ring and pin.
Pack of 2

Ettore Pole Grip

The replacement grip for Ettore section poles. Various sections extension poles (1, 2, 3, and 4).

Ettore Fixi Cleaning Clamp

Ettore Fixi Cleaning Clamp is an adjustable clamp holds sponges, mop heads, towels and chamois rags.

Pack of 100

Ettore Squeegee Off Tablets

Easy to use and carry in your pouch the Ettore Squeegee Off Tablets are environmentally friendly, concentrated tablets with patented effervescent technology that will give you streak free results.

Ettore Squeegee Handle Pro+ Super System

Ettore Squeegee Handle Pro quick-release handle with ergonomic design and no-slip grip. This handle is our shops favourite item of window cleaning equipment.


Ettore Water Spot Remover Scrub Off

Ettore Water Spot Remover Scrub Off is great for water spots, rust and mineral stains. Convenient Liquid paste,Squirt bottle for easy dispensing.

Water Spot Remover 10oz Tub

Water Spot Remover cuts through hard water deposits and soap scum. This paste is ideal for glass shower doors, windows, tile, porcelain, chrome and mirrors.

Ettore Angle Adaptor

Fits all REA-C-H and Interlock poles. Can be fitted with euro male or vice versa to enable thread changing.

Ettore Window Bucket Handle Only

Will fit onto both the original and New Ettore Super buckets.

Ettore Window Bucket Castors Only


Hard Water Powder Stain Remover

Ettore Hound Dog Used to remove hard water stains from glass. Powder mixes into a paste and is rubbed onto the shaded glass.