Interleaved & Interfold

Tork folded interleaved toilet paper reduces blockages as each sheet is singular folded the softness and economy outshines any competitor on the market when you need to get a stylish and effective dispensing set up with refills that perform time after time.

Kimberly-Clark Professional offers a range of quality single sheet toilet tissue products under the KLEENEX® and SCOTT® brands that deliver a more hygienic and neater-looking washroom.
The Folded T3 System combines excellent functionality with a design to match even the most contemporary interior. Its compact form saves space and it is highly practical to maintain with a viewing window showing when servicing is required. Its robust construction makes it long-lasting with smooth, rounded surfaces for easy cleaning.

High Capacity, stylish and contemporary dispensers are available, which can be topped up when required eliminating roll waste, helping you save time and money.

Tork Premium Toilet Paper Folded T3 252 sheets 30 packs 7560 sheets

Hygienic system as one sheet at a time is dispensed.2 ply thickness and softness. Single sheet product flushes more easily.

Carton of 36

Kleenex Executive Soft Interleave Toilet Tissue 2Ply 250 Sheets

Kleenex Executive Soft Interleave Toilet Tissue offers you with extra softness for best care, with a single sheet dispensing.

Carton of 36

Scott® Soft Interleaved Toilet Tissue

SCOTT® Soft Interleaved Toilet Tissue is the preferred alternative for quality and value.  The high capacity single sheet dispensing system reduces janitorial maintenance, eliminates roll waste and improves hygiene.

Carton of 72


Colour: White                               
Dimensions: 17.5cm x 11.5cm
Quantity per pack: 200 sheets
Quantity per case:72 packs
Other features: Single sheet, 1 ply
Suits dispenser KC4930

Green Choice Interleaved Toilet Tissue 2 ply x 250 sheet - 36 Packs

Green Choice Interleaved Toilet Tissue (2 ply x 250 sheets) utilizes Bagasse fibre and Bamboo fibre to produce our toilet tissue and hand towel, which is now called "Green Choice".


Per Carton

Ultrasoft Interleaved Toilet Tissue 2 Ply

Proudly Australian owned interleaved toilet tissue.