Washroom Solutions

A range of innovative washroom solutions from hand hygiene to air care, every product is specifically designed to promote health and wellness, reduce costs, and enhance any facility's image with an improved washroom experience.

Rubbermaid Enriched Foam Moisturising Soap Refill

Pamper your hands with the luxurious Rubbermaid Enriched Foam Moisturising Soap Refill, designed for Flex™ Dispensers. Enriched with Shea Butter and Vitamin E, this hand soap has a dual-action formula that cleanses and nourishes skin for a delightful hand hygiene experience.

Rubbermaid Manual Spray Soap Lotion with Moisturizer Refill

The Rubbermaid Manual Spray Soap Lotion Refill is designed for frequent handwashing. Its mild formulation ensures gentle yet effective cleansing without causing dryness. At the same time, the innovative spray design produces a rich lather for thorough hand coverage.


Rubbermaid Tcell Refills

The TCell odor control system dispenses a consistent level of fragrance. These refills have no propellants or added VOCs.


Rubbermaid Microburst Aerosol Duet Dispenser

The unique Microburst Duet aerosol air freshener dispensing system automatically alternates between two complementary scents for renewed freshness everyday.

Microburst Duet Air Freshener Refills

Microburst® Duet Refills feature a unique combination of exclusive aromas from our world leading pallet of perfume-quality fragrances.

Rubbermaid Baby Change Stations Platinum

Rubbermaid's Baby Changing Stations meet all gobal safety standards and feature antimicrobial protection for safe and hygienic use. Anti-microbial plastic on all baby contact surfaces.  

Rubbermaid Auto Foam Touch-Free Skin Care Dispensers 1100ML

Auto Foam sets the standard for quality and reliability in wall-mounted soap and sanitizer dispensing. Luxurious foam delights your customers, in an attractive touch-free dispenser that delivers superior cost savings.

Available color: Black/Chrome


Rubbermaid Enriched Foam Lotion Hand Soap with Moisturizers

Green Seal™* certified lotion hand soap. Biodegradable, enriched with skin conditioners. pH balanced, fresh light citrus fragrance. Rich teal color. Available in 9.5lb, and 18.5lb.

Rubbermaid Enriched Foam Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap Refill 1100L

Enriched Foam Antibacterial Hand Soap refill is for use in the AutoFoam and AutoFoam with LumeCel Technology Dispensers.

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Rubbermaid Enriched Foam Alcohol Hand Sanitiser 1100ml

The Auto Foam Enriched Foam Alcohol Hand Sanitiser formula dispenses in a Light, airy consistency and acts quickly to kill microorganisms on hands.

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Rubbermaid Microburst 3000 LCD Dispenser White

Microburst® 3000 aerosol odour control systems deliver a cost-effective, programmable solution with all the power and performance of standard dispensers

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Rubbermaid TCell™ Air Freshener Dispenser - White Key 3

Rubbermaid TCell’s Air Freshener Dispenser fuel cell technology delivers a precise dose of a wide variety of fragrances for 60 or 90 days without the use of batteries.
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TC Clean Seat Foaming 400 ml Refill

Clean Seat foam toilet seat and handle cleaners provide an added level of personal hygiene to washroom users.
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Rubbermaid Enriched Foam Hand Soap with Moisturizers 1100ml

Soap, Foam Lotion With Moisturisers 1100 ml Refill, biodegradable, pH balanced, hygenically sealed refill eliminates potential contamination. It is green seal certified.
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Rubbermaid White Protective Liner Laminated for Baby Changing Stations

The Rubbermaid Commercial Baby Changing Table Pad fits many sizes of baby changing stations and features 2-ply construction for durability and antimicrobial protection.
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Rubbermaid Auto Foam Free Hand Sanitiser Refill 1100ml

Auto Foam Free Hand Sanitiser formula dispenses in a Light, airy consistency and acts quickly to kill microorganisms on hands.

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