Glen 20 Disinfectant Spray750ml

Glen 20 Disinfectant Spray ia a hospital grade surface spray disinfectant that kills 99.9% of germs/bacteria* & viruses. Eliminates odours, disinfects soft & hard surfaces.

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Dettol Disinfectant Surface Wipes Fresh

Dettol Disinfectant Surface Wipes Refresh kill 99.9% of germs, cuts through grease, lifts mess, and are great for food surfaces. These disinfectant wipes are great for use on non-porous hard surfaces where food is prepared and stored.

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Dettol Multi-Purpose Cleaner Crisp Apple Burst Spray

The Dettol Healthy Clean hospital grade surface spray disinfectant powers through grease and soap scum, kills 99.9% of germs (E.Coli, Salmonella, S. aureus) and provides a long lasting crisp apple burst freshness.
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Pine O Cleen Hospital Grade Disinfectant

Pine O Cleen Disinfectant is proven to kill 99.9% of germs/bacteria and viruses (including flu viru and Covid-19 virus).

Bleach Chlorine Sanitiser

Bleach Chlorine activated sanitiser containing 4% of available chlorine.

Also Available in 2.5% 1000L and Lemon 200L.

Tasdyne Hospital Disinfectant Cleaner 25Kg

Tasdyne Hospital Disinfectant Cleaner with floral fragrance.
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Emolan Emollient Addiitive

Emolan Emollient Additive is use for adding teat dip and spray solutions to promote soft supple teats. Contains ethoxylated lanolin for superior skin conditioning.

Udder Mate Extra

Udder Mate Extra is similar product to udder mate, however udder mate extra contains extra emollient to add further protection in assiting the control of teat cracking.

Uddersan Nf Iodine Based Disinfectant

Uddersan NF is an iodine based teat disinfectant that contains added emollient for the prevention of teat cracking and chapping. It also contains polidone which extends the iodine potency by 18%, providing added protection against mastitis infection.

Also Available in Uddersan EX 20L.

Spectrum Commercial Grade Disinfectant

Spectrum kills SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19 virus). Concentrated, neutral dual quaternary ammonium sanitiser that provides effective microbial control in the food, beverage and dairy industries.

Taskforce Commercial Grade Disinfectant and Cleaner

Taskforce is an economical cleaner and disinfectant for use on all washroom hard surfaces. Very effective cleaning power. It dissolves body fats, soap and grease deposits that linger in washrooms.

Oxivir TB Hospital Grade Disinfectant Ready to Use

Oxivir TB is a ready to use hospital grade disinfectant cleaner and neutraliser. It is formulated to clean and kill viruses, bacteria and fungi in one action, and the active leaves nothing behind except water and oxygen, so no Personal Protective Equipment is required.

Diversey Oxivir TB Wipes Hospital Grade Disinfectant

Hospital Grade Disinfectant. Oxivir™ Tb is a ready to use, one step
disinfectant, cleaner and odour neutraliser. These are intended for the cleaning and disinfecting of non-critical medical devices. 

Oxivir Five 16 Hospital Grade Disinfectant

Oxivir Five 16 is a one step concentrated hospital Grade Disinfectant. For use on hard, inanimate, nonporous surfaces such as floors, walls, porcelain, and plastic surfaces in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, colleges and hotels.

Taski Crew Smartdose Restroom Floor and Surface Disinfectant Cleaner 1.4L

Non-acid restroom disinfectant cleaner that cleans, disinfects and deodorises toilets and bathroom surfaces in one step
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Divosan TC86 VS8 Chlorinated CIP Detergent Liquid 200L

Divosan TC 86 is a low foaming, chlorinated alkaline detergent disinfectant for CIP and spray washing use in the food, beverage and dairy industries.
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Shield Pine Cleaner Commercial Grade Disinfectant 5L

Shield Pine is a commercial grade disinfectant for cleaning and disinfecting of washable surface like walls, bench tops, floors. It has a pleasant pine fragrance.
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Diversey Shield Citrus Cleaner Disinfectant 5L

Diversey Shield Citrus is a commercial grade disinfectant for cleaning and disinfecting of washable surface like walls, bench tops, floors. It has a pleasant citrus fragrance.

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Diversey Divercleanse Liquid Hospital Grade Disinfectant

Divercleanse is a liquid hospital grade disinfectant cleaner formulated to kill germs, remove mould, soil, stains and unpleasant smells as well as bleaching.

Diversey Knockout Powerful Deodoriser | Commercial Disinfectant 5L

Knockout is a powerful deodoriser, disinfectant with strong "fruity"
fragrance designed to kill malodour causing germs as well as giving maximum odour masking.

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Diversey Clean Air Commercial Grade Disinfectant | Cleaner 5L

Clean Air Commercial Grade Disinfectant is a fresh smelling deodoriser with light cleaning ability. It is a specially formulated disinfectant/cleaner with long lasting floral fragrance.

Diversey Clean Air J-Fill Deodoriser Floral Fragrance 2.5L

Clean Air J-Fill is a specially formulated deodoriser cleaner disinfectant with a floral, long lasting fragrance to kill modour causing germs as well as as giving maximum odour masking.


Diversey Virex II Quaternary-Based Disinfectant Cleaner & Deodorant

Virex II is an effective mild odour quaternary-based hospital grade disinfectant cleaner and deodorant is effective against a broad spectrum of pathogens including MRSA, VRE, Pseudomonas, E.coli, HBV, HIV-1, Influenza A, Avian Influenza, Human coronavirus 229E.

Triad III J-flex Commercial Grade Disinfectant Cleaner Concentrate 5L

Triad III J-flex  is an alkaline commercial grade disinfectant cleaner formulated to clean hard, nonporous environmental surfaces, quickly removing dirt, grime mould, mildew and other common soils. Suitable to use in schools, nursing homes, hospitals and other public areas.

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Carton of 200

Diversol 5000 Hospital Grade Disinfectant Chlorinated Powder 200 x 25g

Disinfection of Blood spills. Diversol 5000 is a chlorinated powder medical grade disinfectant designed for rinse-free general sanitising and disinfection of blood spills.

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Inskill Water Based Insecticide Spray 200L

Ready to use water based insecticide spray - AQIS and APVMA approved.
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