Powdered Oxygen Bleaches


Peerless Peeroxy Powdered Oxygen Bleach

Peerless Peeroxy Powdered Oxygen Bleach cleans, brightens, softens, sanitises and deodorises white and coloured fabrics. Particularly effective as a sanitiser and stain remover for nappies and toweling, etc.


Cleaners Supermarket® Laundry Super Soaker

Premium Dual Enzymed Oxygen Whitening Soaker. Our best seller in this complete range- 3 times cheaper than napisan!


Actichem Oxybleach Oxygen Bleach Sanitiser

Actichem’s Oxybleach (AP860) is a non-chlorine bleaching agent for the destaining of fabrics and laundry. It is an effective additive to washing powder as a colour safe booster to laundry washing procedures for removing stains from fabrics.

Jasol Bleach Low Temp Oxygen Safety Bleach

Jasol Bleach Low Temp Oxygen Safety Bleach is a Sodium Percarbonate based bleach used for stain removal and general whitening of silks, rayons & colours. It has low temperature oxygen bleach for coloured items.
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Jasol Hydrogen Peroxide 50% Bleaching Agent

Jasol Hydrogen Peroxide 50% is a bleaching agent for removing Stains without damaging the fabric or colours.