Household Hardware

Mr Clean All Purpose Wipes 100Pk Roll

Mr Clean All Purpose Wipes, easy tear off all purpose wipes. It is hygienic, extra strong and absorbent wipes.
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Mr Clean Kitchen Tidy Bags 27L 100Pk

Mr Clean Kitchen Tidy Bags with Handle Ties for secure close. This heavy duty 27L kitchen bag is perfect for larger bins.

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Mr Clean Wash Up Scrub 2Pk

Mr Clean Wash Up Scrub 2Pk for non scratch scrubs, remove tough grease & grime.
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MR CLEAN Shoe Brush

MR Clean Shoe Brush has tough bristles that bring a brilliant shine after applying shoe polish. It has a mixture of 6 white bristles and 6 black bristles suitable for use of differing colors of shoe polish.
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MR CLEAN Microfibre Dust Magnet Cloth 3Pk

Cloth Dimensions: 30cm x40cm. It is extremely soft microfibre lifts and traps dust.It's machine washable and reusable. Rinses perfectly clean. Can withstand 100’s of washings. Microfibre Cleaning Power

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MR CLEAN Magic Cloth 2Pk Extra Large

Excellent absorbent cleaning cloth.Always rinses nice and clean even the most challenging stains. Long-lasting, machine washable cloth.
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MR CLEAN Brick & Concrete Scrub

Mr Clean Brick and Concrete Scrub. It has a sturdy handle that makes it easy to grip while scrubbing. It cleans the difficult surfaces.
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MR CLEAN Tile Scrub

MR CLEAN Tile Scrub Stiff with hard-wearing bristles for scrubbing and with soft grip handle for good grip.
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MR CLEAN Eraser Pads 4Pk

MR CLEAN Eraser Pads in 4Pk -magic cleaning power. It easily removes crayon, marker, scuff  marks and soap scum from walls. It does not leave any messy residues. Easy to use and cleans effortlessly.
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MR CLEAN Power Scrub 10Pk

The Mr Clean Power Scrub ten pack of heavy duty non-woven scourers are comprised of 70% nylon and 30% polyester. Perfect for hospital, industrial, and janitorial. Dimension 15x23x.8cm. Does not leave any residue. Streak free
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MR CLEAN Pot & Pan Scrubs 10Pk

MR CLEAN Pot & Pan Scrubs a heavy duty stainless steel scouring pads ideal for cleaning pots and pans. These scrubs last long and will never rust. Helps removes tough baked on grime.
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MR CLEAN Steel Scrub 3Pk

Mr Clean Steel Scrub, a woven stainless steel pad. A super heavy-duty created scouring pad made with fibers of stainless steel knitted with polyester and surrounding a polyurethane foam sponge.
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MR CLEAN Action Scrub 5Pk

Mr Clean Action Scrub 5Pk helps remove grease and grime from non-stick cookware, glassware and plastic-ware. Perfect for all kitchen cleaning.
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MR CLEAN Multi Wipes 25Pk

MR CLEAN Multi Wipes 25Pk, ideal for cleaning, dusting and wiping. All purpose, can be used anywhere, recyclable. Hygienic, extra strong & absorbent. Perfect for home, office and commercial use.
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Mr Clean Super Thirsty Spongs Cloths

Cellulose sponge cloths that are super absorbent - soak up spills with ease. Cleans and dries easily. Heavy duty and long lasting. It is ideal for home and office use. Pack of 10 cloths.

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Mr Clean Council Bin Liners 120L 20 Pk

Strong garbage bags from Mr Clean. It is ideal for general waste bins.
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Mr Clean Garden Bags 90L 25pk M10

Ideal for garden clippings and waste. Mr Clean Garden Bags pack of 25 bin liners.

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Pack of 50

Mr Clean Garbage Bags 54L 50pk M10

It is ideal for garden clippings and waste.It has twist ties. Pack of 50. Dimension is 80cm x 65cm.
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Mr Clean Handy Wipes Roll

Easy tear off wipes from Mr Clean. Hygienic, all purpose wipes, use anywhere. It is reusable. Extra strong, and absorbent wipes. It is ideal for home and commercial use. Available in a pack of 50 (Dimension 30cm x 60cm) and 200 wipes (30 x 20cm).

Mr Clean Power Sponge Scrub Heavy Duty 10pk

A heavy duty nylon, long lasting scourer with sponge which is ideal for hospitality, industrial and janitorial. Dimension is 15 x 10 x 3cm.

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Mr Clean Power Scrub Extra Large

Heavy duty nylon, commercial size and grade scourer. It is suitable for hospitality, industrial and janitorial. Dimension is 15 x 23 x .8cm

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Mr Clean Speedy Microfibre Floor Mop

You can use speedy microfibre floor mop as dry for dust and pet hair, and damp for built up dirt and marks. It has 360˚ swivel head action. It has machine washable pad. Its handle extends to 1.24m.

Mr Clean Workplus Power Dry Squeegee

Commercial grade and with professional rubber blades. Available in 255mm and 355mm blades. You can clean your windows with this streak free and scratch free Aluminium and rubber squeegee from Mr Clean.

Mr Clean Wp Caution Wet Floor Sign

Robust Plastic construction allows use in variety of weather conditions. It has a distinct message.
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Mr Clean Glass and Bottle Brush with Sponge Scourer

Mr Clean Bottle Brush is a handy bottle brush with sponge scourer on the end for easy scrubbing. Plus it has a small brush inside the handle for cleaning of bottle nipples.

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