Sanitiser Dispenser

Astreea Pedal Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

Keep your space safe and clean with Astreea Pedal Hand Sanitiser Dispenser - super simple and easy to use. It is developed in a European aerospace fundamentally where safety and high quality fundamentally required.

Lafferty USA Hand Sanitizer Floor Mount Pedal Dispenser

The Sentry Spray Dispenser is an all stainless-steel free-standing hand sanitizer or soap dispenser that is designed to encourage sanitary environments by reducing contamination due to hand contact.

Sterling Shield Sanitiser System - Dispenser + Liquid Sanitiser

Sterling Shield Sanitiser Dispenser is made and patented in Australia, this practical, safe and easy to use system is a totally hands free operation allowing consumers to enter an area or store with additional protection. 

Seko DispenserOne Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser for Businesses

Looking for a high capacity automatic hand sanitiser dispenser in this post-covid world? Seko DispenserOne Hand Sanitiser Dispensers provide touch-free, drip-free dispensing using a long-life electric dosing pump, meaning it’s never out of service.

Purehold Pro Sanitising Gel Dispensing Door Handle

Pro Gel Dispensing Door Handle is a unique, revolutionary pull door hygiene handle that automatically dispenses sanitising gel onto the users hand. It is designed for use in HIGH-RISK areas.


Manual Soap and Sanitiser Dispenser

Handwashing or Sanitising is the easiest and single most effective way to halt the spread of bacteria and germs that can lead to avoidable illnesses. This Manual Soap and Sanitiser Dispenser combines a next generation dispenser design with disposable and recyclable high quality cartridges and pumps.


Quadrasan Auto Sanitiser Dispenser

Quadrasan® Auto Sanitiser Dispenser is a concentrated cleaning and sanitising formulation that produces a powerful foaming action which counteracts the formation of scale and attacks malodours at source.

Deb Stoko Sanitise Dispenser 1L

Deb Stoko Sanitise Dispenser 1L is an easy to use wall mounted dispensing unit to be used with Instant Foam Sanitiser 1L.

Deb Stoko Instant Foam Sanitiser Dispenser 1L

Deb Stoko Instant Foam Sanitiser Dispenser 1L for use with 1L sanitiser cartridge.

Automatic Soap and Sanitiser Dispenser 1000ml

Dolphy Automatic Soap and Sanitiser dispenser provides touch free dispensing which helps create a hygienic environment. These attractive and durable dispensers are refillable which makes them Economic and environment friendly.

Automatic IPA Hand Sanitiser Dispenser 2800ml

Provide safety to your guests with Dolphy Automatic Alcohol IPA Sanitiser Dispenser. This is the only commercial spray type dispenser from Dolphy.

Dolphy Manual Soap and Sanitiser Dispenser

Give your guests or customers the protection they need with  Dolphy Manual Soap and Sanitiser Dispenser. These dispensers are refillable which makes them Economic and environment friendly.

Purell ES4 Manual Hand Sanitizer Dispenser - Push-Style Dispenser

Looking for affordable Hand Sanitiser Dispenser? Choose Purell Push -Style Hand Sanitiser Dispenser - economical, easy to maintain, and with elegant  design. Simply mount this in your workplace to protect you and your staff protect from getting sick.


Purell White ADX 7 Manual Dispenser

PURELL® White ADX manual dispenser with a compact design which is suitable for tight spaces. It has large sight window, skylight and crystal clear refill bottles make it easy to check fill status. Suitable for Purell Hand Sanitiser.


PURELL® LTX White 700 ml Touch Free Sanitiser Dispenser

Purell LTX Touch Free Sanitiser Dispenser is compact, slim, and sleek 700ml ideal for tight spaces. Offering an amazing and unheard of Lifetime Performance Guarantee.

Purell Branded FMX Dispenser 1200ml - Dove Grey

Purell FMX Dispenser that can hold a 1200 mL sealed refill in a remarkably small footprint. It is ideal for locations where a smaller, more traditional dispenser is preferred. Features skylight with an extra-large site window.

PURELL® TFX Touch Free Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

Purell TFX Touch-free Hand Sanitiser Dispenser is trouble free dispensing system. It can be used with PURELL in its original gel form or with PURELL Instant Hand Sanitizer Foam.

PURELL® TFX Dispenser Tabletop Stand

PURELL® TFX Dispenser Tabletop Stand is highly visible so people use it! Movable from location to location! Take it where you go.

PURELL® NXT Instant Hand Sanitizer Branded NXT Dispenser

PURELL® NXT Instant Hand Sanitizer Branded Dispenser, a compact design, 1000 ml wall-mounted dispenser. Integrates into most every decor for convenient placement wherever germs are.

No Touch Hand Sanitiser Dispenser | Hand Sanitising Station Dispenser

Avoid the risk of contamination with this battery operated No-touch sensor activated hand sanitising dispenser.