Indoor Metal Bins

Selector Large Double Laundry Bin 55L

Selector Large Double Laundry Bin is a space-efficient solution for organising your laundry by colours or fabrics which saves you both time and effort in sorting items. It has a double-quick drop opening and two separate compartments laundry bag.

Laundry Bin 35L and 60L

These laundry bins are smartly designed - you don't need to remove the lid for small laundry items, simply drop in the quick-drop opening. It allows clothes to breath through it's ventilation holes.


Touch Bin 60L Extra Large Waste Bin

Touch Bin 60L allows you to store large amount of waste. The soft touch operation features a uniquely hinged design which opens and closes lightly and silently. With it's large opening, throwing rubbish is easy.


50 Litre Touch Bin® Twin Bin- Fingerprint Proof Matt Steel

Are you looking for extra large touch bin? Touch Bin® allows you to store up to 50 litres of waste. It has solid metal lid, odour-proof and silent.

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Semi Recessed Removable Waste Bin 42.6L - Roval Collection

Semi-recessed Removable Waste Receptacle which has a capacity of 42.6L. Easy to maintain stainless steel waste bin locks into 22 gauge cabinet with a tumbler lock for security.

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BO Touch Bins 11/23L with Removable Plastic Inner Bucket

BO Touch Bin 11/23 is perfect for a beautiful waste solution for your busy family home, with a combination of great design and capacity.  It's height is better for your back, and makes cleaning underneath easy.


Free Standing Waste Bin - Traditional Collection

Free Standing Waste Bin made of satin finish 22 gauge stainless steel. It has self-closing doors on top with vinyl wall bumpers, rubber feet and hooks for disposable liners.


Waste Bins 46L Stainless Steel - Traditional Collection

These Traditional Collection Waste Bins 46L have Satin finish 22 gauge stainless steel. Waste container locks into cabinet.


Slim Jim Stainless Steel Step On Waste Rubbish Bin Containers

Are you looking for waste bin for tight spaces? Slim Jim Stainless Steel Step On Waste Rubbish Bin Containers are the perfect fit due to its slim profile and small footprint.

Flatback Pedal Bin - Space Saving Pedal Bin

FlatBack Pedal Bin is the most space-efficient bin suited for most contemporary kitchens. You can place it right up against the wall or kitchen cupboard without losing any floor space.

Powder Coated Pedal Bin White

Powder caoted pedal bin white is available in 3L, 5L and 12L.

Powder Coated Pedal Bin Black

Powder Coated Pedal Bin Black includes plastic liner with handle.
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Esselte Metal Mesh Waste Bin 10L Black

Medium wastepaper basket in black wire mesh ideal for the contemporary home and office.
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Compass Round Wire Mesh Bin

Strong black wire mesh. Available in 11L and 45L.

Esselte Elements Bin 15L Fluteline Metal

These waste bins are made from stylish metal, finished with gloss paint.

Esselte Metal Mesh Waste Bin 19L Black

This stylish contemporary design desk metal mesh waste bin will suit any work environment.
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Tork Bin 50L Stainless Image Design Bin B1

Tork 50l high capacity stainless steel Bin. Scratch and fingerprint resistant surface. Slim and attractive bin that can be wall mounted to blend into the washroom interior and maintain a great impression.

55L Civic Bin

Hi quality made in Australian metal bin with welded handles for added strength.
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62L Stainless Steel Swing Top Lid

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65ltr Stainless Steel Waste Bin With Open Top

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Stainless Steel Sensor Dual Compartment Bin 70L

Automatic Touchless Infrared Motion Sensor Dual Compartment 70L Bin . The first innovative touchless design for recycling purpose, it can be used in any kitchen, office pantry room, cafeteria, restaurant and other recycling area.

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Stainless Steel Lobby Unit

Ash Tray & Bin Combined

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Heavy Duty Garbage Bin 76L Handles Up

With 4 Drain water holes. Australian Made.
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