Compostable Bags 100% Biodegradable

Compost-a-Pak provides high quality liners which are made of a renewable material, are Australian Certified compostable, and are assisting to improve the Australian environment, both for our children and future generations. These innovative liners are plastic free, proven effective in reducing landfill rates in communities, and businesses alike, quite simply, Compost-a-Pak liners are more convenient for you, and better for the environment.

Plastic Free Bags

Available in convenient sizes and ensures you can be confident that you have the quality required to collect and transport organic waste with minimum breakages and tears. All Compost-A-Pak® products are made from a natural starch-based polymer derived from corn.  Compost-A-Pak® is proudly an Australian family owned business, committed to a more sustainable world. CLICK HERE TO KNOW THEIR FULL STORY

Compost-A-Pak Plastic Free and Australian Certified Compostable Bags

Compost-A-Pak liners are Certified compostable to the stricter Australian standards, for both home composting and commercial composting, as well as the relevant European, American and Japanese standards for commercial composting. In the same way as vegetable scraps, the products in their entirety will break down into hummus, water and carbon dioxide in a commercial composting facility in a matter of weeks. These certifications ensure you can be confident there will be no harmful residue as the liners break down. In fact the bags are also safe for use in organic farms, food contact, animal feed and can also be also used in worm farms.

Compost-a-Pak Singlet Bags Medium Fold 50Pk

Compost-A-Pak® Singlet Bags are completely plastic free, convenient to use, sustainable alternative, without the harmful environmental impact. These are made of third grade spoilt corn, a grade unsuitable for even animal consumption, and are Australian Certified compostable.

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Compost-a-Pak 8L Bin Liners 5 Rolls of 52 Liners

Compost-a-Pak 8L Bin Liners are great for use in a countertop kitchen caddy or small waste container. These made of corn, durable organic liners are a great sustainable alternative to plastic liners.

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Compost-a-Pak 27L Bin Liners Roll of 20

Compost-a-Pak 27L Bin Liners with handles are convenient and perfect for small kitchen bin, designed for Australian Household.

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Compost-a-Pak Bin Liners - Carton of 100 Liners

Compost-a-Pak Bin Liners are durable organic liners suitable for both home composting or industrial composting facilities, when being used to collect organic waste, such as kitchen scraps, the liners will compost with the organic waste through microbial activity, creating a rich soil enhancing compost, perfect for organic farming.

Carton of 6 Rolls

Compost-a-Pak Produce Bags - Veggie and Fruits Roll 400

Compost-a-Pak Produce Bags are specifically designed to replace the rolls of plastic produce bags commonly provided for collecting fruit and vegetables in grocery stores. This sustainable alternative produce bags are made from corn - completely plastic free.

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