Ruggable 2-piece Washable Rug system

Ruggables 2-Piece Washable Rug System - Decorative Rugs and Flooring Solution

How to protect floors with area rugs? Can I put rugs in the washing machine? How to save money in cleaning and maintaining area rugs? If you have these questions in mind, well... Ruggable 2-piece Washable Rug system is the answer! With Ruggable, rug cleaning is made easy - simply REMOVE, WASH, and REUSE!

This innovative technology makes it possible for small and large area rugs to be washed as easily and frequently as bedding, making your entire living space looking, smelling and feeling clean.

Benefits of Cling Effect™ Technology:
- machine/wash dry
- non-slip
- durable
- interchangeable
- easy to vacuum
- safe on hardwood floors
- pet friendly

SAVE TIME AND MONEY ! No more wasting time and money on professional rug cleaning services. With Ruggable, clean-up is easy, convenient, and affordable. Instead of spending time cleaning or renting specialty equipment, you can enjoy relaxing in the comfort of your home.


Shag Rugs - Winter White 2-Piece Rug System

Ruggable Shag Rug - Winter White is comfortable, chic, bleachable rug design. It provides soft places for game playing, movie watching, and slumber partying. Warm up and add color to your room with this Ruggable winter white shag rag.