Spray Bottles and Triggers Other Brands


Canyon Remote Trigger Sprayer with 1.2M Suction Tube

Turn gallon and half gallon jugs of chemicals into convenient spray bottles with Canyon Remote Trigger Sprayer. Simply attach this spray trigger nozzle head set with 1.2M long suction tube to the bottle, making hard to reach areas easy to spray.


Poision Black Chemical Resistant Bottle with Cap

Poision Black Chemical Resistant Bottle with Cap can stand up corrosive liquids like brake clean and kerosene. This is one of the top chemical resistant bottle among triggers or bottles available in the market.


CHS-3AN Standard Remote Trigger Sprayers 1.2M

A standard remote trigger sprayer with 1m long tube to suit up to 5L containers. Now with screw on cap to fit standard 38m 5L Jerry.

Poly Top White Plastic Cap - Flip Top Caps

Poly Top White Plastic Cap - Flip Top Cap are used to dispense liquid from a squeezable bottle. Its small closure allows for precise dispensing.

Canyon Extension Lance

Canyon Extension Lance screws onto Jumbo Canyon triggers to enable extra reach when spraying. Note trigger displayed does not come with product - for illustration purposes only.

500ml Plastic Tapered Spray Bottle with Trigger

Chemical Resistant plastic tapered spray bottle with adjustable nozzle. Measurements are moulded into bottle.

Plastic Spray Bottle Complete- Straight 500Ml

Straight sided plastic spray bottle complete with trigger. Chemical resistant adjustable nozzle available in Red, Green, Yellow and Blue

1L Plastic Spray Bottle Complete With Trigger

1L plastic spray bottle complete with trigger. Chemical resistant with adjustable nozzle. Measurements moulded into bottle.