Vacuum Dusting Brushes

Dusting Brush Tool 32mm - Natural Bristles

Dusting Brush Tool 32mm

Tool dusting brush 32mm - 30mm long nylon bristles

Dusting Brush Tool 32mm winged universal

Dusting Brush Tool 35mm long bristle

Dusting Brush Tool 38mm Ghibli

Dusting brush tool suit CB60, CB80, AS59 (fits onto hose cuff only)

Round Soft Dusting Brush 32mm

Probably one of the best bristled brushed on the marketplace. Thick and long bristles that are a poly combination with horse Hair.  Exceptional quality with this one.

Dusting Brush Soft Bristles 152mm

Dusting Brush 65mm With Adapter

Caterpillar Vacuum Tool Brush

With its 180° flexible neck, it is excellent for cleaning high out-of-reach areas, walls, ceilings, fans, book shelvs, cupboards, etc.

Dusting Brush Tool 35mm Hoover Workshop