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Sorbo S-Arm Washer and T-Bar Complete

The Sorbo S-Arm Washer is designed with one mission in mind-to eliminate the need for time-consuming detailing. Featuring a specially crafted bumper on one end of the T-Bar, this ingenious design ensures that a 1/4" of the window adjacent to the frame remains dry.

Sorbo Viper Channel with Hard Rubber

The new Sorbo Viper 45° channel cleans closer to the window frame, leaves less water on the glass and cleans deeper into corners.

Sorbo Ledgomatic 12" 30cm

Sorbo Ledogmatic gets you over those extra large ledges up to 12 inches deep and on high rise pole work.
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Sorbo Multi Colour Fast Release Handle

The Sorbo Swivel Handle is made from a high quality and very durable plastic.

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Sorbo Hard Water Stain Remover

Sorbo Hard Water Stain Remover is the safest water stain remover on the market.

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Sorbo Yellow Glove with Brass Snaps

The Yellow Jacket washer with brass snap button closure along their entire lengths are convenient for offset handles.

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Sorbo 6 Inches Double Edge Blades

These blades are extremely sharp and flexible. Being so flexible means that they compensate for unevenness in the glass maintaining good contact along the entire length of the blade.

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Sorbo Twin Ledge Angle

Sorbo twin ledge angle – heavy duty & light weight twin Adapter for pole work, uses squeeguee and washer at the same time, saves a lot of effort and time.

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Sorbo Tricket with Squeegee

Sorbo Tricket with Squeegee is the most efficient way to clean louvered windows, vertical blinds, glass shelves and wooden shutters. It comes with squeegee rubbers.

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Sorbo 6in Scraper with Holster Complete

Sorbo 6" stainless steel scraper with an adjustable angle handle for pole work.
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Sorbo 18" Utility Bucket with Clips

A 21 litre capacity utility bucket which is great to carry all your your equipment while cleaning.
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Sorbo Clips for Bucket

Replacement clips for your oval 21L bucket.
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Sorbo Nylon Belt with Loops

Sorbo Nylon belt with loops has a fully adjustable waist size. The heavy duty nylon will help hold its shape and enables you to bend on the job.
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Pack of 10

Sorbo Razor Blades for Docket

Replacement razor blades for the docket sharpener
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Sorbo Blade Trimmer for Docket

Replacement sent of glide unit, wax and blades for the docket sharpener.
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Sorbo 36in Docket Blade Sharpener

A unique product from Sorbo range. It re-cuts the factory edge on Sorbo blades up to 36" (90cm). It enables you to trim squeegee blade up to 12 times - help you save money.
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Sorbo Jam Proof End Tip

Jam-Proof End Tip fits most equipment on the market.Easy-on and easy-off. To reduce tip-to-handle friction, one or two O-rings may be removed from the tip.

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Sorbo End Plug Replacement Set

Replaces damaged or worn end on the Cobra range. Left and right handed plugs in the set.

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Sorbo Quadropod With Wheels and Bucket

• Eliminates the endless bending down to the bucket
• Features 4 tool holders
• Legs fold automatically when the unit is lifted up making it easy to move from area to area
• The bucket is held in place with 2 easy release clips
• Sorbo’s favourite tool
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Sorbo Eliminator Store Front

The Sörbo 3x4 Adjustable Eliminator with 40 degree safety end plugs is the most efficient squeegee in the Sörbo arsenal.


Sorbo Cobra Channels and Rubber with Plastic End Plugs

Sorbo Cobra Channels feature 4 adjustments to get the perfect rubber flex and use after trimming. This is the most durable model.

Sorbo Rubber

Improve your window cleaning with this great Sorbo squeegee replacement rubber.  Available in different sizes.


Sorbo Washer Sleeve

With Velcro closure along their entire lengths are convenient for offset handles.

Sorbo Leifcart

Perfect for outside windows ! say goodbye to buckets on tiny casters.

Sorbo Multi Squeegee

The Sorbo multi squeegee are designed for cleaning French windows easily and quickly.

Sorbo Yellow Jacket with Scrubber

The Sorbo Yellow Jacket has great scrubbing ability.  It is perfect for cleaning aluminium frames and for heavy duty jobs.


Sorbo Swivel T- Bar

Sorbo swivel T-bar works well for most pole works. It is very durable and light weight. You can easily switch swivel to fixed. It has different sizes available.


Sorbo Tricket Washer

Are you having problem in cleaning louvered windows? Sorbo Tricket with Washer is the effective and best way to clean louvered windows, vertical blinds, glass shelves and wooden shutters.

Sorbo Quick Silver Channel with Wide Body Style

Sorbo Quick Silver 3 x 4 Adjustable Squeegee with the patented four settings without end plugs. This model is the most durable model.

Sorbo Nylon Holster for 2 Squeegees Coloured

This Sorbo nylon holster holds two squeegees - vertically or horizontally. The soft material does not damage the squeegee blades when holstered in the vertical position.
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Sorbo Single Pouch For Scourer - Coloured

Sorbo Single Pouch Scourer is ideal for keeping small razor scraper and a piece of steel wool. It is soft and flexible with a Velcro closure.
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