Deb Skin Safety Centres

Deb's Skin Safety Centres are convenient, instructional, robust, lightweight boards that are ready-assembled with appropriate Deb dispensers.

For use with Deb products to create a tailored skin care system, Deb Skin Safety Centres are available for use in heavy duty & general industrial areas to provide skin protection and food & catering areas to provide hand hygiene.

    Convenient – everything needed for clean healthy skin in one location
    Robust – durable, lightweight material; ideal for busy wash area environments
    Instructional – encourages compliance with a full skin safety regime
    Easy maintenance – wipe clean surface

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Deb 3-Step Skin Protection Centre - Large where everything is needed for clean healthy skin in one location. It provides an easily mountable board with 4 different deb dispensers on it. It provides a Protect 1 litre dispenser for the application of barrier creams and/or sunscreen.

It also has 2 cleansing dispensers - 2L and 4L.  Finally it has a 1L restore dispenser for the application of an afterwork cream.

Size: 800mm wide x 570mm high

1 x Deb Protect 1000
1 x Deb Cleanse Light 2000
1 x Deb Cleanse Heavy 4000
1 x Deb Restore 1000 dispensers

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Deb OxyBAC 2-Step Skin Protection Centre specifically designed for use in any food and catering environments.

Size: 560mm wide x 500mm high

1 x Deb OxyBAC 1000
1 x Deb Sanitise 1000 dispensers