AR 5 Spare Parts

Complete Pump

Pump to suit Gloria AR5/8 sprayer. Complete pump with EPDM seals.
VOP2 728005.000
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Pump Rod & Handle

Pump rod & handle to suit Gloria AR5/8 sprayer
VOP2 728217.00000
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EPDM Pressure Release Valve

EPDM pressure release valve to suit AR5/8 sprayer
VOP2 728006.0000
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Pump seal kit- EPDM

Pump seal kit to suit Gloria Pro sprayers
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Alta EPDM Acid/Alkaline resistant trigger VITON

Suitable for Gloria AR 5 & AR 8, S. steel Tri-Action & Alta sprayers.

VO04 8750. AR
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Gloria Pro Alkaline Resistant Trigger - EPDM

Gloria Pro Alkaline Resistant Trigger - EPDM.
VO04 8753.ALKA
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35cm Lance, Flat Fan Nozzle Jet

35cm Lance, flat fan nozzle jet to suit AR5/8 sprayer
VO01 03.MS.ARW
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