SABCO Household, Retail and Professional Cleaning Products

Sabco is Australia's oldest cleaning brand, founded in 1892 in Adelaide. The South Australian Brushware company has been supplying Australians quality cleaning solutions for almost 120 years. Now available online at Cleaners Supermarket for your convenience.

For trusted quality professional cleaning, choose Sabco!
• Specialises in heavy duty commercial products and solutions to meet all industry requirements.
• Made to the highest quality specifications for long life and superior performance.
• Leaders in innovation, particularly the latest in commercial microfibre products.

Sabco Slide to Wringer Flat Mop

Sabco Slide to Wringer Flat Mop is an innovative slide wringer, hands free and hygienic mop with soft mopping pad, lifts & removes dirt from floors.

Sabco is a leading manufacturer of cleaning products, metal and plastic homewares. They also manufactured Australia’s largest range of metal bins, mop buckets, council and general tidy bins, brooms and brushware. 

Sabco is steeped in heritage and they plan to be around for the next 100 years by constantly searching for opportunities to improve, by way of innovation and with a passion to provide their customers with the best quality product possible. They are driven by wanting to remain the trusted cleaning brand that consumers have enjoyed since 1892.