Water Traps and Drains

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Nilozyme has a multi-strain bacterial formulation that will liquefy and digest complex proteins, cellulose and starch.

Nilozyme is resilient to bleach, disinfectants and many other cleaning chemicals.

Grease traps, drains, garbage chutes, etc.

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Waste digester, biocatalyst and odour eliminator.
'Putting biotechnology to work for mankind.'

What is G.O.E and why is it so good?

G.O.E. is a unique blend of naturally occurring enzymes, polysaccharides (natural sugars) electrolytes, combined with natural citrus extracts and coconut surfactants. This composition is at the forefront of modern biotechnology, an area in which Australia’s position is foremost.

G.O.E’s action is a very simple one. Immediately it is released into waste organic matter, it starts breaking down large chunks into a smaller more acceptable form (predigestion) thus allowing the natural bacteria in the system to reactivate and degrade it rapidly and completely. The result is odour free, cleaner waste with fewer complaints from Councils and your neighbours.
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Grease and Waste Digester pH Neutral formula that eliminates odours and build up in drains, urinals, grease traps, beverage towers and septic tanks.

It is pH neutral, hence it does not damage the plumbing - does not generate heat therefore will not corrode plumbing.

It deodorizes by attacking, breaking down, and flushing away the source of the odour in the piping. Solution is biodegradable and will break down in drains. It safely cleans clogged and problem drains, including floor drains, beverage tower drains, urinals and commodes.

Available in 1L twin bottle, 1L twin empty bottle, 5L Jerry Can, 10L Cube,20L Cube, and 200L.

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Grease and Waste Digester MSDS.